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Billy Hipkins Earns Acclaim "For the Benefit of The Also-Ran"

NEW YORK, DECEMBER 2012 – Broadway actor and costumer Billy Hipkins stars in an original one-man production that takes a fresh and surprisingly touching look at the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln—really, it does. He focuses on the life of Jennie Gourlay, an actress poised to star at Ford’s Theater before John Wilkes Booth killed the president—and with him, Gourlay’s dreams of stardom.

Who is Jennie Gourlay? And what became of her after Booth shot Lincoln? And why is Billy Hipkins obsessed with her story? "We all have this dream of what our lives should look like, and this pinnacle experience that will take us there," observes Hipkins, who began his career as an actor and dancer before moving behind the scenes on such productions as Memphis, The Phantom of the Opera, and Beauty and the Beast. "Not very many people actually get that moment. Dreams get shifted."

After opening this year's Emerging Artists Theater's "One Man Talking" New Works Series and closing last last fall's Fresh Fruit Festival- where he won this year's Fruitie Award for Best Playwright of a Solo Show, Hipkins has gone on to perform in the 3rd annual United Solo Theatre Festival- where the show was awarded Best Educational Piece. He continues to charm and move audiences with his personal story as told through history. "Billy tells the story of Jennie Gourlay with such passion and enthusiasm that you can't help but find yourself rooting for an actress from another time period," says Tony nominee Rory O'Malley, who currently appears in The Book of Mormon on Broadway. "He weaves in stories from his own life, making it anything but a dull history lesson. Billy is the funniest, sassiest- and most honest- teacher you'll ever have."


*Hipkins won the 2012 Fruitie Award for 
at the Fresh Fruit Festival.


*Hipkins was awarded BEST EDUCATIONAL PIECE at this year's United Solo Theatre Festival.


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